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The Quality Difference

While appraisal services are regulated in most states, there can be enormous quality differences from one appraiser to the next. This can cause major problems for those who are using an appraisal for mission-critical decisions about such matters as how much to lend on a property, how much insurance is required, or how to value an estate.

We believe strongly that every customer deserves the very best appraisal we can provide. For that reason, we go far beyond simply filling out forms and checking comps. We study growth patterns, examine the competitive landscape, and seek to establish the "highest and best use" of the property. After using all three of the commonly accepted methods - cost, sales comparison and income -- we evaluate the "highest and best use" of the property and take into account other factors to determine which approach is best suited.

The end result is an appraisal you can use with confidence, knowing that it will hold up under the scrutiny of underwriters.

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